Value-added Wood Processing

Renfrew County hosts many good sized saw mills which are integrated into the Canadian and international supply chain.


The Ottawa Valley and Renfrew County have a long history of tourism and the creation of amenities to host and feed visitors, and attractions to engage and entertain tourists from around the world.

Science & Technology

Sciences study, research, development and manufacturing have a surprisingly long history in The County of Renfrew.

Health care

Health care in the Ottawa Valley is provided by five hospitals, four family health centres, nine long-term care facilities, 12 retirement homes, and a wide variety of community health support services.


Forestry has historic significance and importance within Renfrew County, being the key sector to follow the fur trade, clearing land for agriculture and giving rise to the communities that exist today in the region. The sector is still a significant contributor to the economic and social fabric of Renfrew County.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage processing has always been part of our heritage within the County of Renfrew, though generally at a small local level.

Creative & Cultural

The Creative Industries Economy offers unparalleled opportunity for individuals and businesses eager to participate in a lucrative, stimulating and rewarding part of the labour

Biofuels/Bio Energy

With abundant wood fibre and agricultural residuals, it is no surprise that Renfrew County is home to a Canadian bio-fuels technology innovator.


The County of Renfrew has a strong history of agriculture and rural living. Although originally developed in conjunction with the forest industry, a vibrant agriculture community developed on the more arable lands of the County.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Ottawa Valley is the home to several ADVANCED MANUFACTURING companies.