With abundant wood fibre and agricultural residuals, it is no surprise that Renfrew County is home to a Canadian bio-fuels technology innovator and global leader in liquid bio fuels, Ensyn Technologies. With a broad mix of agriculture production, the County is also the site of a pioneering manure bio-digester facility, leading the way for dairy producers to deliver renewable electricity to the Ontario power grid.

Ensyn Technologies has developed their Rapid Thermal Process (RTP) to convert wood fibre, sawdust residuals from the local wood industry, into a broad range of resins, wood smoke food flavorings and bio oil for energy and transportation applications. Ensyn manufacturers their RTP reactors and supplies them to global markets where bio residuals in those regions are converted to energy. Bio oil produced on site in Renfrew County is presently exported to the United States where it is replacing natural gas and heating oil in hospitals and college campuses to provide renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprint of those facilities. The bio oil is also suitable as a diesel fuel replacement in transportation and power generator applications.

Fepro Farms, a large dairy operation in Whitewater Region, applied their expertise from their home farm in Switzerland to develop bio-digester processes for the Ontario climate. Establishing the grid connectivity systems to meet the requirements of Hydro One Networks was a challenging aspect of the project and their success paved the way for dairy farmers across Ontario. An additional innovation by Fepro was the demonstration of successfully incorporating grease trap waste from the restaurant industry, an expensive waste disposal challenge, into the on-farm bio-digester process. The grease trap waste is an accelerant when mixed in the manure speeding the digestion process and production of methane to make the entire process more efficient.