It is surprising to most people to learn the Renfrew County is home to Canada’s single largest science and technology centre, the Chalk River Laboratories of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Inc. This lab complex employs 2,900 researchers, scientists, engineers, technicians and R & D support staff engaged in nuclear technology, advanced materials and metallurgy, chemistry, hydrogen isotopes and gas, biology and health physics, environment, robotics, security, physics and next generation nuclear generation of electric power.

Over the decades Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has nurtured private enterprises engaged in radiation and explosives detection, thermal regulation suits for harsh environments in defence and industry, self-illuminating light systems for building, aviation, mining and industry safety. More recently, Ensyn Technologies has established a bio-fuels research, development and demonstration plant, converting wood fibre residuals into the world’s leading renewable alternative fuel. Valley Bio has been a leading researcher in the field of industrial hemp genetics, food, edible oil, grain and oil seed crop processing and food safety as well as pedigreed seed production.

Located next door to Ottawa and the Government of Canada national research facilities, and the industrial hub of: information technology, autonomous vehicle, software, and instrumentation, aerospace and defence the technology centre R&D and production, Renfrew County is the ideal site for science and technology investments in a broad range of fields.