The Ottawa Valley and Renfrew County have a long history of tourism and the creation of amenities to host and feed visitors, and attractions to engage and entertain tourists from around the world. Our forested wilderness, bisected by the Ottawa River and home to six other river systems, combined with our extensive wetlands, mountains and over nine-hundred lakes provides opportunities for a broad range of four season outdoor activities of every description. There are also many unique and pleasant towns, villages and hamlets with services and cultural attractions reflecting our four hundred years of European settlement. Against this backdrop, our Algonquin First Nations communities trace their presence in their traditional lands back eight-thousand years.

This wide array of tourism activity leads to many opportunities for tourism investment.

As our tourism business operators reach the age of retirement, there are continually many resorts, attractions, hotels, ski areas, outfitters and guides, motels and restaurants available for sale, ready for new investment and innovative approaches to tourism development. There are also many vacant wilderness and waterfront lands available for completely new investments in tourism and wilderness lifestyle and residential developments. As over 50% of the county is forested crown land, open to public access, the opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, nature observation, snowmobiling, boating and paddling, rock and ice climbing is boundless.